Welcome to Arnshelm

The central nation in the world is Arnshelm, a chivalric nation comprised of noble knights, studied wizards, devoted priests, and countless peasants. Most of the laborers are treated well and can raise their children in a safe and nurturing home. There is an established middle class made up of artisans, merchants, civil officials, and professional soldiers. Crime is present but mostly kept in check by the competent city guards and wilderness wardens. Some business people achieve the upper class and, if they are successful and lucky, may even gain a church post or hereditary noble title. Relations with the dwarves, both nations of elves, the transient gnomes, and the internal colonies of lizard men and halflings are all friendly and diplomatic.

Arnshelm is overwhelmingly devoted to the worship of Arn – God of Life, Light, Love, Justice and Honor – in all of his myriad forms. The Church of Arn is a being of many aspects, with churches, cathedrals, abbeys, temples, shrines, and other holy grounds spread far and wide across the landscape. The Academy is an organization of thinkers, philosophers, ascetics, and wizards devoted to the furthering of knowledge and enlightenment, and is nearly as large and diverse as the Church. The Arnshelmian military is vast and powerful, and currently focuses mostly on peacetime operations, as the only of Arnshelm’s neighbors creating any kind of military stress is Mirzavesta, to the south; even that is primarily defensive at this point, and consists of opposing garrisons staring at each other across empty plains.

The current year is 1209 by the Arnshelmian Calender. The ruler of Arnshelm is King Rolamus XII, a wise and just man, from what you’ve heard. He rarely ventures outside of his castle, and you’ve never actually seen him, nor has anyone you know. He was a powerful warrior in his youth, so they say, and he is a widower, having lost his Queen several years ago. Nevertheless, his policies are wise and dependable, and his agents do well across the countryside to keep the living standard at a pleasing level. The King’s Palace lies just north of the capital city of Oakwater, which itself lies on the northwestern shore of the immense and central White Lake.

It is on the streets of Oakwater that you find yourself walking one sunny day, when your life takes a most unexpected turn . . .

Arnshelm is a world of fantasy adventure in the classic form.

The game system is D&D 3.5, with few house rules.