Arnshelm is a nation of chivalry, dedicated to the preservation of its noble culture and the spread of the ideals of its major deity, Arn.


King Rolamus XII. His wife Queen Elence died years ago, leaving him with his five children: Crown Prince Kanias, Prince Amegres, Princess Idiune, Princess Lauras, and Prince Elause.


Feudal monarchy with hereditary kingship. There is a system of Arnshelmian nobility. The King has monarchical powers, but they are limited in some ways by his Noble Council, which is comprised of his nine Dukes and three Grand Dukes, with the Grand Dukes having two votes instead of one. The King, as Duke of Oakwater, therefore gets one vote, and Crown Prince Kanias, being Grand Duke of Lionwalk, gets two. The King also acts as a tiebreaker in Council matters.


Grand Duchies: Lionwalk, Gwanamor, Marsaine

Duchies: Agance, Copperwood, Dryssel, Kingsport, Larksroost, Oakwater Farms, Rakeshire


Oakwater (capital, 40,000), Carossia (25,000), Copperwood (25,000), Dryssel (20,000), Valionne (20,000), Larksroost (18,000), Lunieda (17,000), Kingsport (12,000), Carcenon (11,000).


Oakwater Palace


Celien Forest, Coldspike Forest, The Copperwood, Drum Hills, Frosty Wood, Guardian Peaks, Hartswood, Lihnendel Forest, Old Gods, Palisades, Razortail Swamp, Serpent Hills, Yondal Fields




Lion (pp), Crown (gp), Shield (sp), and Penny (cp).


Arnshelm is about 80% human nationwide. There are some Cilenestrian high elves, mostly in the southwest, and Shiianestrian wood elves, mostly in the east. Angorian dwarves live mostly in the north and northeast. The Yondal Fields are almost all halflings, with additional halflings interspersed around the nation. Gnomes, originally from Tyrphedon, have emigrated to Arnshelm throughout the years, and settlements of such can be found, mostly in and around the Guardian Peaks and Drum Hills.


Arnshelmian Nobles and Royals will use their surnames, but most of the rank and file use only their first names. There are rare exceptions.


The language of Arnshelm is technically called Arnshelmian, but is more often referred to simply as ‘Common’. Old Llyran is spoken widely among the natives in Gwanamor and in the east, and Marsainian is often spoken in Marsaine. Demi-humans also each speak their own tongue, with Cilenestra and Shiianestra sharing a language.


Lionwalk, Gwanamor, and Marsaine are subject realms of Arnshelm. Arnshelm is at peace with Elorron and Kile, and trade freely with both. Relations are friendly with the dwarven realm of Angor and the high elves of Cilenestra.


Arnshelm is at war with Mirzavesta. Until recently, campaigns continued in Deona as well, but these have been scaled back to preserve resources. Relations with Llyra, no fan of Arnshelm’s policies in Gwanamor, are tentative at best. Valdemar and Einarkir are largely seen as neighboring belligerents, and standing armies are kept on the borders with both. Shiianestra remains isolationist, and greatly resents any incursions into their woods.


Arnshelm is largely monotheistic, worshipping Arn throughout the land. The Church of Arn is a very powerful political force, exerting control over just about every aspect of life in Arnshelm. There is also a small but zealous cult of Asmodeus as well.


The Academy of Magic, The Arnshelmian Military, The Church of Arn, The Cult of Asmodeus, Guilds

Flora and Fauna

Agancian Eel, Ankhegs, Arnshelmian Lion, Copper Beech, Razortails


The Pax Arnshelm


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