Oakwater is the capital of Arnshelm.

Originally named Oakwater Farms by the first town elders because it was the convergence of foresters, farmers, and fishers, living and trading together. Over the years, the “farms” was dropped as the city grew in size. Now, it is the center of the government and the location of the Governor’s Palace.

The White Foal River runs up the west side of Oakwater, isolating the slums from the rest of the city. Oakwater itself occupies the southwestern corner of a hilly and largely forested island, with the White Foal to the west, the Oakwater River far to the east and north, and the White Lake to the south.


40,000. About 85% human, with some dwarves, high and wood elves, and halflings interspersed. Gnomes and other non-human races in Oakwater are rare at best, but there is a small enclave of lizard men in town.

The Governor’s Palace

In the north, it commands a view of the city. Governor Penluse is the King’s agent charged with day-to-day operations of Oakwater, and answers only to King Rolamus XII. Buildings present: Oakwater Barracks.

The Avenue of Temples

In the northeast. There are several temples of various shapes and sizes dedicated to Arn here. Buildings present: Oakwater Cathedral.

The Jewelers’ Quarter

The richest part of town, in the southeast. Buildings present: Utheniane’s Revelry

The Logger’s Camps

In the southeast of town, just outside of the city walls, this is where the majority of the logging operations are centered, and where the loggers live.

The Wideway

The docks, on the south of town.

The Market District

In the center of town. The Processional travels straight through the market on its way from the docks to the Palace. This is the major middle-class area, and where many shops (and the town guard) reside. Buildings present: Swan and Sparrow.

The Street of Red Lanterns

In the northwest, just past the walls, so it is technically just outside the city limits, exempting it from several of Oakwater’s more restrictive policies.

The Bazaar

Surrounding the market in the northwest of town. Buildings present: Braddis’s Wine.

Caravan Square

In the west of town, this is the center of trade for the farmers and grain merchants. Incoming caravans often set up here as a temporary extension of the Bazaar.


In the southwest, the lower-income section of town. Includes The Maze.


Far to the west of town, across the river; the slums.

The Swamp of Night Secrets

In the far southwest of town is a section where the ground is too wet to construct any buildings. Instead, it is used by many shady types who prefer not to be seen in the open.


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